TRUST SURVEY is an environmental and social survey and consultancy organization founded by two energetic and capable Ladies With diverse multidisciplinary and specialized skills. Based in Yangon offering a wide range of environmental and social survey, Trust is one of the leading survey agencies in Myanmar.


TRUST has the capacity to plan and implement a range of social impact assessments including Mining project, Dam project, industrial and urban development projects. Our team, which is consists of veterans, has completed around 20 projects in less than a decade. TRUST has been working with distinguished organizations such as ADB, UNICEF, USAID and, Save the Children. Our staff are highly skilled in undertaking surveys, conducting Public Consultation, Gender mainstreaming, key informant interviews, Women group discussion and facilitating focus group discussions using both quantitative and qualitative techniques for data collection and data analysis.


To be the best and most reliable survey organization in Myanmar.


To provide unparalleled service to our clients through proactive communication, professional inspiration and superior work while developing an environment for learning, building relationships, and keeping a leading reputation for quality and integrity through the implementation of GRIP (Growth, Reputation, Integrity and Inspiration and Proactive Communication) for our teams, clients and staff.

  • Truthful - Being in the research field for almost ten years, our team know the value of data and always try their best to get the accuracy of it. The clients have never had to ask again when it comes to our work.
  • Reliable – We have helped many organizations get the data they want in clear, precise and timely manner. Our team have been trusted with many projects because authenticity is one of our strengths.
  • Unique - TRUST is founded by experienced researchers and comprises many talents. We have completed a lot of projects from different fields which provided us plenty of experience about particular area. Having many talents who has different knowledge and skills is one of our trump card.
  • Skillful - TRUST is a mission-driven agency which will not stop until the best result. We have enough experts to achieve such outcome. When it comes to workforce, TRUST has nothing but accomplished personnel.
  • Tactical - During the periods between projects, TRUST is always busy with training its talents after having satisfactory holidays. Learning different survey methods and gadget is essential in our ever-evolving world. Our team is always ready to use new technologies whenever they are presented thanks to the hardworking trainers.

Myanmar Accelerated Rural Electrification Project (AREP) Social and Environmental Survey and Consultation with Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Baseline study for a project to be Implemented by MRCS and Australian Red Cross in Yangon Region and Ayeyarwady Region

Evaluation for project implemented by Fresh Studio, Myanmar Livestock Federation and De Hues Project

Yangon Urban Services Improvement Project (SUEZ) ADB

MYA: Power Network Development Project 2018 (Distribution/Substation and 230 KV Power Transmissions Line) ADB

Sustainable Agricultural Development and Food Quality Initiative for Coffee Farmers -SAFI Project (GIZ)

Social Survey and FGD for Sustainable Coastal Fishery Project with Synergia consultancy

Formative research to understand gender, Scale agriculture and social behavior dynamics which impact nutrition project (HKI) in Ayeyarwaddy and Magway region

MYA: Power Network Development Project 2017 (Distribution/Substation and 230 KV Power Transmissions Line) ADB

Replacement Cost Survey (RCS) for Greater Mekong Sub-region East West Economic Corridor Eindu to Kawkareik Road Improvement Project 2016

Mong Tong Hydro Power Project (EIA/SIA) SMEC

IOL Survey for Power Transmission Line Project (ADB) in Yangon Division 2014

Social Survey for Maternity, Nutrients & Child Health Outlet project (PSI Myanmar) In Northern Shan State 2014

IRCP Household Survey EIA/SIA (MSDES) 2014

Social Survey for TVET Myanmar Project2014

Social Survey for End of Project in Ayeyarwaddy Division (Care Myanmar- Care Australia) 2014

EIA/SIA Evaluation of Oil-Palm Factory (Atro -Agro Company) (REM) 2013

Social Survey for PLHIV/AIDS Project (Care Myanmar) 2013


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  • Phone : + 9255333817,09255333816
  • Email : trustsurveyagency.2017@gmail.com

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